Treatment Services

Interpersonal Psychiatry is a group of caring and experienced medical and clinical mental health providers.
Treatment Services
Psychiatric & Mental Health Providers

We strive to give exceptional care to our patients, and will customize a treatment plan to work with you towards your goals of well-being. We specialize in the following conditions:


Tele-Psychiatry | Tele-Therapy

Do you live a long distance from, or are unable to come into our office? That's okay! We can still see you if you live in Kansas or Missouri. Our practitioners can see patients online via a secure, HIPAA compliant video session, similar to Skype or FaceTime. You can submit all of your documents and information through our digital portal and pay over the phone.

We make it easy for you to get the services you need.

Deep TMS
DEEP TMS – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Depression and OCD. Insurance typically covers all of the cost. Call today for a free consultation.

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, you may have heard about TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). TMS is an FDA-approved alternative to medication for treating Depression, without side effects such as weight gain, loss of sleep, lessened libido or fogged thinking.

Deep TMS differs from standard TMS in that the magnetic pulse is able to reach deeper (limbic) areas of the brain. The limbic area impacts mood regulation and motivation. which is often negatively affected in patients who are depressed or suffer from OCD symptoms.

Interpersonal Psychiatry has been offering TMS services to its patients longer than any other provider in the area. Our experience in Deep TMS makes for a supportive and caring healing process for our patients.


Ketamine Infusion Therapy & Spravato
What are Ketamine Infusions? Ketamine infusions and nasal spray treatment have emerged as some of the most effective treatments for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and many other psychiatric disorders.

Where other treatments take weeks or months to begin working—and are effective in only about 40% of patients—ketamine infusions take effect almost immediately and alleviate symptoms in upwards of 80% of patients.

Rapid relief with Ketamine Infusions
Patients may feel relief from their symptoms within 1-2 infusions.

Minimal side effects
Ketamine side effects are minimal, and typically last for less than 2 hours post-infusion.

Insurance and Payment
Most insurances do not pay for Ketamine treatment but we have financing available, inquire with billing office.
Cash payments are also available, at $395 per infusion. 17 treatment package with 12 month "in house" financing available for basic infusions. See more on additional link to details of services.

Spravato nasal spray treatments require our billing office working with your insurance provider to pre-authorize treatments that are typically covered by insurance.

We customize treatment plans for your financial and mental health needs. A combination of infusions, nasal spray or KETAMINE ASSISTED PSYCHOTHERAPY and/or KETAMINE INTGRATION THERAPY for maximum results.

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Testing Services
Testing for your Best Treatment Outcomes

Our goal is to help people accurately diagnose what they experience, to find out what is causing these issues, and to help find the most effective treatments available.

Group Therapy

Therapy groups offer unique and exciting opportunities for growth. Support, real-time skills practice, and the opportunity to observe and change patterns are just a few advantages. Group therapy can be an economical compliment to individual therapy, or a stand-alone service when appropriate.

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Interpersonal Psychiatry of Lawrence, Kansas has a group of caring and experienced medical and clinical mental health providers.