Personality Disorders

What is a Personality Disorder?

A personality disorder involves a way of thinking, behaving, and feeling that differs from how most people operate in general society. In short, it impacts how individuals can perceive and respond to the world around them. Personality disorders typically begin during early adulthood, and the ways people are affected differ between individuals.
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What Are The Symptoms of Personality Disorders?

To understand the different symptoms that can come with personality disorders, it’s essential first to understand the distinction between the ten various recognized forms of personality disorders:

What Causes Personality Disorders?

There are many different factors that can lead to the development of personality disorders. One of the most common causes is childhood trauma, such as sexual, emotional, physical, and verbal abuse from friends, parents, peers, or teachers. Some researchers have also identified ways that genetics can play a role in the development of personality disorders.

How Are Personality Disorders Treated?

Treatment options are available for those diagnosed with a personality disorder, though each disorder type is handled differently. One treatment method is to speak to a trained therapist- like those at Interpersonal Psychiatry- to learn more about their condition and comfortably express what’s going on inside their head. However, there are no Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved drugs available to treat personality disorders. Anti-anxiety medication, antidepressants, antipsychotics, and mood stabilizers may be prescribed to treat specific symptoms that come with personality disorders.

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