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What are ketamine infusions?
Ketamine infusions are emerging as one of the most effective treatments for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and many other psychiatric disorders.

Where other treatments take weeks or months to begin working—and are effective in only about 40% of patients—ketamine infusions take effect almost immediately and alleviate symptoms in upwards of 80% of patients.

Rapid relief with Ketamine Infusions
Patients may feel relief from their symptoms within 1-2 infusions.

Minimal side effects
Ketamine side effects are minimal, and typically last for less than 2 hours post-infusion.

Insurance and Payment
Most insurance plans are accepted.
Cash payments are also available, at $485 per infusion.

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Tara Haddon (LSCSW, LMSW) on ketamine intergration therapy
Integration Therapy focuses on the potential for change, facilitated within a structured, supportive psychotherapeutic environment.

what Happens During An infusion?

Infusion Therapy occurs in private rooms with constant mechanical monitoring of heart rate, pulse, blood oxygen saturation percentages and blood pressure.

Using an IV, an appropriate dose of ketamine is administered over a 40 minute time frame or longer. Practitioners constantly observe the patients vital signs from the nursing station. Patients will notice that a practitioner will enter the patient treatment room several times during the active phase of the infusion to monitor the depth of sedation and ensure comfort.

Most patients report a relaxing and peaceful experience. Patients will most likely experience changes in vision and their ability to clearly focus on objects or people, speech will be slurred or slowed, most will have an experience of floating or being disconnected.


Why choose Integration Therapy?

The infusions may be more effective when paired with psychotherapy. Integration Therapy prepares you for your ketamine sessions, encourages you to explore your mind while within the ketamine space, and assists you in integrating your experiences afterwards. 

This program emphasizes the potential for change, which is best facilitated within a structured, supportive psychotherapeutic environment with providers who are aware of your issues, hopes, desires, and struggles. 

Ketamine’s altered state can create conditions of relational and psychological openness , and thus we believe that trust in your providers enables the deepest possible work to occur. Psychotherapy sessions are meant to build a sense of connection and trust between you and your providers. 

Your experience will be unique to you, and each of your sessions will be different. They evolve from your own being in relation to this medicine, and it is best to relax into the path that unfolds. Many enjoy the journey, while others do not. Everyone comes through it, and often with greater insight into themselves and their lives. Our therapy program is designed to assist you in integrating these insights into your daily functioning. 

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