Ketamine Therapy for PTSD
PTSD Treatment in Lawrence, Kansas

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is an anxiety disorder that a person may develop after a particularly frightening or life-threatening event. The person does not have to be directly involved, because of even the shock of witnessing an event happening to someone else that the symptoms of PTSD may set in.

While outlook can be understandably grim when suffering from PTSD, it can be treated and the symptoms can be lessened. There is a multitude of options available for treatment, but pairing two treatments together often yields the best results. If you are searching for PTSD treatment in Kansas, please keep reading.


Ketamine Infusion Therapy for PTSD
Ketamine for PTSD Treatment

Ketamine, first developed and approved by the FDA as an anesthetic, is a promising new innovation in the field of PTSD treatment.

While you may know it as the club drug often abused as Special K, Ketamine is what some doctors are calling the biggest breakthrough in depression and PTSD treatment in decades.

When infused at a low dose into the bloodstream, research shows that Ketamine may be up to 80% effective at providing relief for PTSD symptoms.

One benefit to Ketamine Infusion for PTSD treatment is its ability to sometimes bring relief to symptoms within minutes or hours, rather than the weeks or months your typical antidepressant may take.

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