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What is Deep TMS?
Deep TMS from Interpersonal Psychiatry

Deep TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) uses magnetic waves to reach deep into a targeted area of the brain called the limbic system, which impacts mood regulation and motivation.

Deep TMS stimulates the neurons in the limbic system, which promotes building neural connections. This stimulation can alleviate the symptoms of OCD and Depression.

Deep TMS is an FDA-approved safe alternative to medication for Depression and OCD. Deep TMS has none of the side effects associated with medication, such as weight gain, loss of sleep, fogged thinking, and lessened libido.

Deep TMS is often completely covered by insurance, leaving no out of pocket cost to you.


What is treatment like?

Deep TMS treatment at Interpersonal Psychiatry is quick, comfortable, and safe. The treatment session consists of wearing a helmet, which allows the machine to transmit magnetic waves to the targeted area of your brain. The sensation of the treatment is not painful, and feels similar to a finger tapping lightly on the side of the head. Depending on the patient's needs, sessions can last between 5 and 20 minutes.

All of our equipment and chairs are cleaned and sanitized before and after each patient. Your safety and comfort are our top priorty.

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Deep TMS Treatment Timeline
Deep TMS treatment typically consists of 40 sessions over the course of 9 weeks. Our psychiatrists and nurses work with you to create a treatment timeline specifically suited to your needs.

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IP Psych has helped thousands in our community treat their Depression and OCD.
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Deep TMS is often completely covered by insurance, leaving no cost to you.

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